Hard Times Ahead of Makerere Freshers


Makerere University new entrants for academic year 2018/2019 will have to pay 15 percent on top of the current tuition rates following a new council resolution. This depending on one’s economic wellness will most likely mean hard times for freshers.

A notice making rounds says “Makerere University Council has approved a new Fees Structure for undergraduate students starting 2018/2019 academic year with an increase of 15%.”

The top reason is to advance service delivery.
“This will enable the University Management enhance service delivery and undertake major improvements on university infrastructure for the good of our students, staff and other stakeholders,” the notice adds.

In context, considering Journalism and Communication students, a new entrant shall pay UGX 1,127,000 instead of the current UGX 980,000. The 15 percent tuition rise attracts UGX 147,000.

Whether this move shall be conceded since continuing students are not affected remains a question of time.

In the past such attempts have been thwarted by both violent and peaceful strikes by students.

Makerere University Photo: New entrants follow the orientation proceedings at the Freedom Square.


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