Trump defiant as pressure grows


Washington (CNN)America is edging ever closer to a new long, national nightmare, given President Donald Trump’s explosive response to signs that special counsel Robert Mueller is approaching the epicenter of White House power.

The investigation has taken a serious turn in recent days, raising the clear possibility that whether Mueller finds wrongdoing or not, a period of political stress and upheaval is inevitable.

Trump appears willing to test the bounds of convention and his own powers against a legal and political establishment that he believes is conspiring against him. The higher the pressure, the more defiant the President becomes.

Trump has decided that “this is a political fight and he’s going to fight it,” a White House official told CNN’s Jeff Zeleny.

But the sense of chaos around the White House is deepening. The President again called the Russia probe a “witch hunt” over the weekend while a legal adviser tried to walk back Trump’s admission Friday that he is under investigation.

“The MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the Witch Hunt,” Trump tweeted on Sunday.


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